Rock Climbing – Aerial Shoot On Unaweep Canyon Granite With Rob Pizem

It’s been a crazy, busy week. Here is a quick blog entry from one of the shoots a few days ago. Technical rock climbing on Unaweep Canyon granite near Grand Junction, Colorado with Rob Pizem. It had been windy all day and still gusty on the way to the shoot location. Flying the DJI quadcopter looked out of the question, but we were prepped and ready just as Piz got on the rock – the wind died and the sun broke through for about 10 minutes total.

I flew the Phantom 4 Pro until the wind got too gusty but we got the shots we wanted in that short amount of time. This included video and stills both. The granite cliffs in this canyon are spectacular and the quadcopter, in my opinion is the only way to capture these climbers in this big wall setting. Ken Redding shot from a rock ledge with the still camera in addition to some good B roll footage for a tourism reel we’re currently working on.
More later… Thanks for reading. RR