Women’s Trail Running: Aerial/Ground Video and Stills – Behind The Scenes

A quick blog entry covering our video/still shoot yesterday with trail runners Nattigan Cole and Marissa Tofel.
Here are a few video frame grabs from the awesome Sony 6000 and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ quadcopter. The shoot was produced by Ken Redding (kenreddingphotography.com) and myself – Ken with the ground camera and myself flying the quadcopter.

Within two hours we had covered about 90% of what we had story boarded despite losing the last of the prime evening light because of cloud cover on the horizon.
We shot in various locations on a local Grand Junction trail system, while trying to coordinate air to ground shots. The toughest part is trying to orchestrate the runners with the quadcopter while trying to hide the ground photographer at the same time – a lot of quick moving and strategic hiding.

For the super wide aerial shots we use FRS radios to talk to the talent to be able to communicate timing between everyone. Our main goal currently on these shoots is to use and carry very minimal gear and still produce stellar images and footage. Now more editing begins!

More later…