Tahitian Culture – Images Of Island Travel

The Tahitian/French Polynesian culture is a simple and basic one. The beauty of the landscape and the laid-back vibe of The Tahitian people is awesome. It’s great to know there are still places on this planet that or people are happy without all the pressure of wealth. These images I try to capture the culture and feel of at least some of the country. The people are very laid-back very friendly and make do with what they have.


This series of shots is focused on the Tahitian culture not the typical tourism shot you generally see. I took two cameras, The beater Canon Mark 2 with a 16-35 lens and a the Sony 6000 mirrorless which did wonderfully for underwater shots as well as being light weight and minimalistic with one lens and underwater housing. I tried to keep it as minimal as possible and travel light.


This is only a fraction of the images to be captured with the time allowed traveling. The simpleness of life yet proves that we don’t need all the extra stuff that we have now.


These shots were taken around the island of Tahiti as well as Moorea Island which looks like something out of King Kong movie.


Waterfalls and jungle are as envisioned – lush and beautiful.


Tahiti tourism and culture

Rowing is a huge sport there.